At 31 She Looks Like A Grandmother! A Girl With Saggy Skin Managed To Become A Model

She fully embraced her personality.

Sara Gertz was not lucky, she was born with a very rare disease, which made her a unique girl. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is characterized by a lack of collagen production, and at first glance, this is not the worst diagnosis, but what this 31-year-old model looks like will definitely surprise you.

The skin of a woman already at this age has almost completely lost its elasticity, sagged, and aged a lot. This feature is rather characteristic of grandmothers, and therefore Sarah attracts a lot of attention.

However, the young girl, trapped in the body of an old woman, decided to inspire others, and today she is not shy about her body. The woman was able to become a model that breaks stereotypes and supports many women whose appearance does not meet the generally accepted standards of beauty. With every shoot, the fashion model proves to other people that even with such skin you can love yourself and be successful.

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