The makers of these chips have a nice deal of experience in the gambling industry, & this, along with their personal dedication means that they have produced chips with an authentic casino look & feel about them. These chips are identical to those used in a number of the most famous casinos in the world & will feel even more authentic with use.

If you enjoy a regular game of poker with your relatives & friends then why not give your games more of a flavor of the casino with 100 Pro Clay 13g poker chip set. Poker is much more fun if it feels like you are playing for real & some professional chips can give your games a touch of casino excitement.

People who already use them say that it is like playing with the chips in a casino as you even get to pick the colors for the different denominations. If you need to play at being specialized it is even feasible to personalize these chips with your own logo. Bottom line, the 100 Pro Clay 13g poker chip set, might not be the cheapest poker chip set that you can buy, but it is certainly the most authentic & the most fun.

Give an expert experience to your ordinary Friday evening poker games with this 100 Pro Clay 13g poker chip set, the chips are 39mm diameter casino size & weigh thirteen grams. Even the case for these chips looks authentic & professional, the case is made of oak & designed to hold up to a hundred chips. The internal ingredient of the case is efficiently wizened with green matting & the poker set is made of solid brass.

200 Jackpot Casino Poker Chips with Aluminum Case Features

The 200 piece Jackpot City Poker Chip Set comprises fresh and privileged poker chips since 2005! These 12.2 gram “Jackpot Casino, Las Vegas” adorned coin chips are few of the most unparalleled you will ever come across. The coin inlay poker chip turned hot in several global casinos. This flair chip is even employed in numerous Las Vegas Casino such as Palace Station. .

Eight dissimilar appellations total this chip series, letting in 25c, 50c, $1, $5, $25, $100, & $500. And all appellative bears its personal coloration.

Etched in white by the boundaries of each chip is A, K, Q, & J with every card suit depicted between every regal card in each chip’s specific color. The chip’s boundary surrogates white and a color band, in which two squares and a circle embellish the core of each color chevron. Boundaries are brushed up and cetaceous. These are swish chips!

No particular was dispensed with in this extremely unique and imperishable chip series. Though most chips with metallic tucks have a clayey auditory sensation when you dangle them, these chips deliver the sound of clay genuine pro chips. But they’re put up at a fraction of the price of genuine chips.

This convenient chip case has the strength of an aluminum chip casing and includes a well-defined, scratch-resistant Plexiglas binding to easily see the subjects of the sheath. The case is developed from the best aircraft aluminum and strengthened throughout, and still it is light. The inside is green matte with place for 200 chips, five dice, and two packs of cards.

This is a chip case that will endure a life.  Playing cards portrayed are open to modify without notification. It is at the dealer’s free will to supplant playing cards with related merchandise of same or greater timbre at any time

The color, quantity and appellations of chips displayed are the most democratic and have been pre-selected for you; nevertheless, you’ll be able to induce alterations per your demands.