Online casino gaming is at an all-time high in 2018, powered by amazing gaming options, big jackpot power and innovative new features. Check out the power of online casino gaming, and hit the web like a Vegas pro – or just feel like one while playing for million dollar progressives!

Real-feel online casino gamescapes

Make no mistake about the awesome power of the newest online casino software – which has literally taken casino gaming into the next sphere of realism. Casino gaming software providers such as Playtech and the award winning Microgaming enable top-tier online casino websites to deliver games with such detail, clarity and realistic artwork that logging-on to the web can be as pleasurable as jetting off to Las Vegas – well, ok – almost! Slot gamers can enjoy real Las Vegas Slot technology, while genuine roulette spins and blackjack and poker card dealing provides serious gamers with a 100% real casino environment! The step into ‘ultra-realistic’ online casino gaming has taken web casino games from ‘arcade’ fun to exhilarating simulations, for every level of player.

Futuristic online casino software

2018 has seen some incredible new releases and up-grades in the leading online casino destinations. The video gaming world has been treated to the launch of the innovative multi-player gamescapes of slot machine contest – creating cool online casino battles on the web’s hottest slot games. Equally, video slots such as Tombraider Secret of the Sword has taken the evolution of slot quality to immense levels – complete with digital themed graphics, interactive bonus action and huge progressive complexity. The jackpot gaming niche continues to offer gamers more cash than ever before – with many games such as Major Millions showering you in million-dollar jackpot funds on a constant basis!

Cool strategies for online casino gaming (online casino 911)

The latest gaming stats continue to show a huge rise in the popularity of skill and strategy gaming among online casino gamers – and there’s no doubt that learning some simple tips can quickly boost your intrinsic entertainment, and of course – potentially increase your success when it comes to payouts. So, whether you’re a casual gamer or a pro, check out the hottest casino reviews in online casino land – and see whether you should play them with luck or skill.


The ultimate entertainer in any online casino, slots continue to thrill gamers with their intrinsic fun, cool themes and jackpot potential which can deliver life changing lucky wins. However, the luck-based element of slots is huge, and striking consistent profitable sessions is a volatile hobby! The good news is that while slot success is ultimately down to chance, you can use some slot tips to potentially aim to ‘beat the machines’

  • Use a casino budget for every session – yep, quit if you lose the cash, there’s always next time!
  • Set yourself a casino profit target in each session (a sensible one, not the jackpot!)
  • Play medium sized payout slot games
  • Regularly search for hotter machines


The ultimate game of chance or a game ripe for beating with a strategic approach? The jury will always be out on online casino roulette, but there are thousands of gamers who claim online casino players can boost the fun and rewards. For example, the Andrucci System aims to locate the hot balls, which are winning regularly in each session (via the live stats page in online casino sites) – ‘in theory’ these numbers may be good value bets, with a higher chance of winning than their odds imply!


Blackjack card counting is hot in famous gaming destinations such as Vegas, but beating the online casino games with such complex methods can be tricky for regular gamers. Fortunately, online casino players can use much simple strategic moves, such as the double down strategy:

Casino gamers simply need to double down, if:

    1. The dealer’s card is 4, 5 or 6 and your 2 card hand is 10 or 11
    2. The house-up card fall between 3 and 6 and the gamer’s combo contains an Ace and a numbered card

And not double down, if:

If the dealer’s face-up card is a 10 or a face value.

Video Poker

Arguably the hottest online casino games when it comes to skill and strategy. There are countless free systems which can be used by casino gamers to make the right hold and discard moves. Pro VP gamers can get an edge of 1% and more, while novices can quickly boost the fun and potentially the rewards. The latest games in online casino websites, even feature auto-skill functionality!